Ambaa’s Guide

A while back I wrote a short guide on getting started in Hinduism. The first part is an easy six-week guide to easing you into a local Hindu community and the second part is FAQs that converts have.

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Table of Contents:

Easing In
Week One: A trip to the bookstore
Week Two: Bringing the Gods Home
Week Three: Learning to Pray
Week Four: Make Friends
Week Five: Enjoy a Festival
Week Six: Going to the temple
Words you should know
Basic principles of pronunciation
Dress Code
Cultural Tidbits
Forehead Marks: Bindi and Tilak
Do I have to be a vegetarian?
Will native Hindus be offended by me identifying as Hindu?
Can I or Should I take on aspects of Indian culture to go with Hinduism?
History and Your Place In It
How do I mark that I am a Hindu?
How to Feel Confident
Should I go through a conversion ritual? Is there such a ritual?
How Do I Talk To My Family?
Peace and Love?