Welcome! My name is Ambaa and I write the blog The White Hindu, all about my experiences as a non-Indian Hindu.

There is a common misconception that people can’t become Hindu. You do not have to be born Hindu to find the Truth, peace, and joy present in Hinduism.

I know from personal experience that it can be really intimidating and nerve-wracking to try to find a temple home and community. Many non-Indian Hindus practice their faith alone at home because they are so nervous about going to a temple.

What changed that for me was meeting a friend who invited me to go with her.

It was so wonderful and I started thinking about how to give this experience to other non-Indian Hindus.

Templebuddy.com was born! Whether you are a new Hindu who wants to learn more and get some guidance, someone who is interested in Hinduism, someone who is just curious, my hope is that we can connect you with a native Hindu guide to get you started!

(Yes, the real name for “Hinduism” is Sanatana Dharma, which means the Eternal Path. The reason I use the word “Hinduism” is that we are working on reaching people who might just be getting started and this is the word by which they know the practices of Sanatana Dharma.)

Ambaa’s Guide

A while back I wrote a short guide on getting started in Hinduism. The first part is an easy six-week guide to easing you into a local Hindu community and the second part is FAQs that converts have.

Available for Kindle only, click here:

Table of Contents:

Easing In
Week One: A trip to the bookstore
Week Two: Bringing the Gods Home
Week Three: Learning to Pray
Week Four: Make Friends
Week Five: Enjoy a Festival
Week Six: Going to the temple
Words you should know
Basic principles of pronunciation
Dress Code
Cultural Tidbits
Forehead Marks: Bindi and Tilak
Do I have to be a vegetarian?
Will native Hindus be offended by me identifying as Hindu?
Can I or Should I take on aspects of Indian culture to go with Hinduism?
History and Your Place In It
How do I mark that I am a Hindu?
How to Feel Confident
Should I go through a conversion ritual? Is there such a ritual?
How Do I Talk To My Family?
Peace and Love?


None of the temple buddies have been vetted in any way. Please exercise caution when meeting up with anyone you have met on the Internet, through this site or any other.